Outstanding PASS Volunteer Award

I am a Outstanding PASS Volunteer!

I am a Outstanding PASS Volunteer!

It is an honor to receive the Outstanding PASS Volunteer Award for February 2015.  It means a lot to be nominated for this award from my peers. My single goal last year was to bring SQL Saturday back to Austin. On January 31st 2015 we had a great day that allowed 280 people the chance to connect, share and learn.  It would have never happened without these key individuals who spent a lot of time helping make the SQL Saturday happen. Thank you Steve Ormrod, Richard Heim, Mike Burek, Jim Murphy and AJ Mendo.

Free Video for Accidental DBA’s

Recently, Mike Walsh and John Sterrett teamed up with Embarcadero to give a 60 minute presentation focusing on the skills that are necessary for accidental DBA’s to master to become DBA’s with a successful long lasting career.

I wish I had all this advice when I started as a SQL Server DBA.


All Resources mentioned in the video to complete the tasks discussed can be found at http://linchpinpeople.com/where


You’re a DBA… Now What?

One of my goals for the year is to do great things with great people.  I will be making my first step at achieving this goal today.  Speaking of firsts, I will also be doing my first vendor focused webinar at the same time. Thank you Embarcadero!

Congratulations, You're A DBA.. Now What?

Today, February 11th 2015 at 1pm CST I will be doing a webinar with my friend Mike Walsh titled “Congratulations, You’re a DBA… Now What?”  If you are a Jr. DBA or even a DBA with just a few years of experience I would highly recommend attending this session.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Extended Event Security Permissions

Recently, I gave my first presentation of the year at Austin .NET User Group on Writing Faster Queries and I got a great question about Extended Events. The question was, “What security permissions are required for creating and modifying Extended Event Sessions?”  I thought it would make a great blog post as I am sure others might be wondering the same thing.

In SQL Server 2008 to create an Extended Event Session you are going to need CONTROL SERVER  and  ALTER ANY EVENT SESSION permission on the instance that you need Extended Events created on. With SQL Server 2012 and 2014 If you want to create and modify Extended Events you are only going to need ALTER ANY EVENT SESSION.

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Austin .NET SQL User Group Presentation

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the first Austin .NET User Group

Austin .NET User Group

Austin .NET User Group

Presentation in 2015. This also was my first of many presentation I plan on delivering in 2015. As promised I have uploaded the slide deck, code example and the Power Point for my session titled, “Making Your SQL Server Queries Run Faster.”

Building Your First Windows Azure Machine


Recently, I had the pleasure of writing another article that was included the Notes From the Field series that is hosted out on SQLAuthority.com. This tip was my first one working with Azure.  To me its remarkable how quickly you can spin up an instance to help you build out a proof of concept. In this tip I show you how you can build your very first windows azure box.

Proof of Concepts with Windows Azure


Upcoming Presentations

It’s an honor to always be able to give back to the SQL Server Community. I would never be where I am today with out others helping me along the way.  I look forward connecting and sharing with everyone at the following events.

Get A Free SQL Server 2014 Book!

I have some great news to share. One of my bucket list items is to be a published author. I can now check this off my list. Coming very soon you will be able to buy the book that I helped write.  I will add links here once its on Amazon.

[UPDATE 10/8/2014] The book is available on Amazon.com

If you are attending PASS SQL Server Member Summit in November we (Linchpin People) will be giving away 200 copies of this book. If you are attending the conference and want one contact me and I will help you get a copy.

SQL Server Backups And Recovery

SQL Server Backups And Recovery

4 things I wish I learned sooner as a DBA

This topic continues from an earlier blog written by Mike Walsh. I was tagged by a my good friend Tim Mitchell. Here is my take on 4 things I wished I learned earlier in my DBA Career. I hope they are helpful to you.

You Are not Alone

You are not alone in your database career. Even if you are the only SQL Server Professional in your company the SQL Server community is always there to help. I was in these shoes once and I stuck to myself and didn’t even know there was a community out there to help me grow and become a better DBA.  As SQL Server Professionals we have several free events like  local user groups, SQL Saturday’s and virtual chapters that give us the opportunity to connect, share and learn.

There are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them.

One of my mentors and friends Thomas LaRock gave a presentation a few years ago titled SQL Someday.  I still watch Tom’s presentation  occasionally to remind me of this very simple quote

There are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them.

The concept is very simple. There are somedays that will never happen. There are somedays that will happen. There are also somedays that have happened and you didn’t even know they happened. For someone who is goal oriented like myself it can be easy to only focus on that next goal. I wish I could go back in time and truly enjoy some of my great achievements instead of just pushing forward for the next goal. At the same time there are several things that are out of our control. I wish I spent less time focusing on things that are out of my control.

Work Life Balance

When your career is also your hobby you can easily forget to have a good work life balance.  I used to have two calendar reminders weekly to tell me to stop working. One was at 5pm and it said “Stop Working.” I had another at 6pm that said “REALLY, STOP WORKING NOW!”  Occasionally, I still run into problems with my work life balance but it is better than it use to be.

Soft Skills > Technical Skills

Through my career I have learned that soft skills are important. If you cannot work with people to solve business problems with technology you are not going to go far in your career.


When will my replica be synchronized?

Recently, I was pulled into a gig to help troubleshoot an windows failover cluster service issue that was hindering an availability group. Just to give a little background information its a two node windows cluster with two replicas the availability groups are using synchronous mirroring. Once, this was resolved we had a critical database that was behind on synchronization because one of the two replicas (cluster node) was down. This lead to the following question. When will my replica by synchronized?

This question was easy to answer with database mirroring. We could pull up the database mirroring monitor. We don’t have an database replica monitor GUI tool built into SSMS. Lucky for us, its not that hard with availability groups. We just have to use performance monitor. You will see below there is an perfmon collection called “SQLServer:Database Replica” that comes in handy for us.

When will replica be synchronized?

When will replica be synchronized?

Above, you can see that this secondary replica which is back online is synchronizing as its receiving log bytes and the Recovery Queue shown in the performance monitor is also reducing as the synchronization process is catching up. According to MSDN Recovery Queue is the Amount of log records in the log files of the secondary replica that has not yet been redone.