Speaking at PASS Member Summit 2010

I am excited to share with everyone that I am speaking at the PASS Summit in Seattle on Wednesday this week.   The Summit is by far the biggest event for database administrators and anyone who likes to work with data. I would refer to it as the Super Bowl for Database Administrators.  I will be participating in both a chalk talk and lightning talk.

Chalk-Talk is a forty minute interactive talk in the vendor expo hall.  I will be presenting SQL Server 2008 for Developers with a twist.  I will provide a list of topics and the crowd (yes this is you everyone) can pick the topics we cover.  That’s right everyone, even though I think Table Value Parameters is the most under used feature for developers we can skip it if you are more interested in other topics.

Lightning-Talk is a quick five minute talk about anything the speaker wants to talk about.  There is a session each day dedicated to Lightning talks and they will include seven speakers.  I will give a talk over using Profiler to troubleshoot third party applications.  This tip was very important to me when I became a production DBA and I am sure it will help others.

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