Monday Meme: My First SQL Pass Member Summit

Once again Tom LaRock (blog | twitter) has put together another Monday Meme assignment.  The goal is simple just get your writing juices going. This months topic is to write about your favorite moment from a previous  PASS Member Summit.

What is PASS Member Summit?

PASS Member Summit is an annual conference to bring together SQL Server professionals for deep-dive technical learning, hands-on labs, and the best networking in the community.

My Favorite PASS Summit

Last year was by far my favorite PASS Member Summit.  Why was last years Summit my favorite? The answer is very simple. Last year was my first Member Summit. I paid my own way and it was one of the best decision I made. In fact, I enjoyed the Member Summit so much that I decided to make it a goal to try to make it every year.

Favorite Member Summit Moment

On Saturday after the Summit ended I stood inline at the hotel lobby to checkout.  I noticed the guy standing next to me had the same backpack so I started a conversation saying, “nice backpack, I am John Sterrett.”  Little did I know this was Aaron Nelson (blog | twitter) and I quickly learned that he was trying to meet me all week. We are both big fans of SQL Saturday’s and he told me that he tried to motivate other chapter leaders into hosting a SQL Saturday by saying, “If Wheeling, WV can host a SQL Saturday so can you.”  We ended up chatting for about an hour.  It’s strange to think that I built a good friendship while I was checking out of my hotel room after the Member Summit.

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