Throwback Thursday #1: SQL Inspire

What Is Throwback Thursday?

One of my hobbies is being a turntablist. In high school I took a job just so I could buy myself two Technics 1200’s, crates full of records and a mixer. I love scratching, beat juggling, and mixing accapella tracks over instrumentals. The radio stations I like would always have a turntablist  mix old school hits on Thursday. The show was called Throwback Thursdays.

Gregory Turnables

I am not the only turntablist in the family.

Being a database professional I learned to like backups. Backups didn’t just apply to database backups. I use evernote to backup blogs and articles that I found that are helpful for my career. Recently, this gave me a great idea to group them and share the ones that are old but still very valuable to my career. I am basically mixing some great content that you forgot about or never found that still applies as great reference material. If they are still helpful to me I bet they are helpful to others who frequently visit this blog.

#1 Throwback Topic: SQL Inspire

I had many different ideas for the first thursday throwback. I decided to go with my all-time favorite needle in the haystack. When I would go crate digging for a great instrumental to mix with a new hip hop song I would typically look for something that was unique and different.  When I think of conferences I found that with SQL Inspire. All presentations were recorded and they are still online. The concept is simple, try to inspire SQL people. Not only did Andy and Brian put on an event that inspired me, it also gave me my favorite SQL Server presentation of all-time. You can watch it below its only 20 minutes.

You can also catch the follow up interview. Tom’s prediction on the future of PASS two years ago is spot on. I think PASS accomplished some of those goals in just two years.

Here are all the SQL Inspire Presentations. I recommend that you watch them.


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