8 Hours of SQL Server Performance Training This Week!

Check out the annual Performance Palooza hosted by the Performance Virtual Chapter on July 23rd, 2015.  This is a virtual online event open to the public and it’s absolutely free.  We’ll have 8 back to back sessions with start times from 10am to 5pm Central Time.

I am honored to be selected to speak and kick off the event.  I think you will love the other sessions too. Check them all out below.


Central Time Speaker Topic
10am John Sterrett Make Your SQL Server Queries Go Faster
11am Warner Chaves Building High Performance SQL Servers Virtual Machines on AWS and Azure
12pm Andy Galbraith Performing a SQL Server Health Check
1pm Matan Yungman Columstore Indexes – Questions and Answers
2pm Neil Hambly Performance Troubleshooting Using DMVs
3pm Tim Mitchell Maximizing SSIS Package Performance
4pm Trayce Jordan Troubleshooting Seconday Replica Latency
5pm Mike Fal SQL Server Benchmarking: The Powershell Speedometer

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