My PASS 2015 Vote

Today I got my annual email from PASS HQ to vote for the Board of Director elections.  I always like to vote for who I think can add value to my favorite IT organization.

Today, I am happy and proud to vote for a new candidate who I know will be a great leader for PASS.  I have known Ryan Adams for years.  I remember meeting him for the first time at the 1st BI SQL Saturday in Dallas.  It’s amazing how much stuff Ryan has accomplished since that day as a volunteer for PASS.

The reason why I am voting for Ryan is because he has already done the work I would expect from a PASS Board of Director.  He is the example for what a Regional Mentor should be.  I would know as I was his co-RM. Ryan took  loose requirements where very little is required and make sure his region is successful.  Ryan also manages the PASS Performance Virtual Chapter and created the Performance Palooza that keeps growing every year. In his free time, he also helps out with the Dallas SQL Saturdays and is also on the board of directors for the Dallas User Group.

I look forward to seeing Ryan on the Board of Directors. It’s amazing how much he gives to the community without ever expecting anything back!

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