Azure Managed Instance Changing DNS prefix

Azure Managed Instances are provisioned by default with a DNS fully qualified domain name (FQDN). Even on your private virtual network you will still have to use this FQDN.

If you want your Azure Managed Instance to connect with your DNS prefix like this blog post is for you.

Azure Managed Instance Virtual Network

Your first step is to make sure you are either using Azure DNS service or providing one on your own.

In my example we have hybrid setup with Active Directory and DNS Servers in both our virtual network and also on-premises so we will be utilizing an VM in the virtual network to provide DNS.

Azure Virtual Network DNS configuration for your Azure Managed Instance network.
Azure Virtual Network DNS Servers

DNS CNAME Alias Configuration

To allow private users to connect utilizing your DNS Zone you need to create a CName alias in DNS. The alias needs to have the same name as your managed instance. In this example, I created a Azure Managed Instance named “procuresql01mi”. Its FQDN is The Domain name of my lab is I will configure a CName alias so all requests to internally will be routed to

DNS CName Alias for changing DNS Zone when connecting to a Azure Managed Instance
DNS CName Alias for Azure Managed Instance

Azure Managed Instance DNS Zone Change Wrap Up

Now all you have to do is connect with the new DNS name used with the alias and you are good to go! If you use Azure AD to connect make sure enable “Trust Server Certificate” on your connection.

rust server certificate for Azure Managed Instance DNS CName Alias
Trust server certificate for Azure Managed Instance DNS CName Alias

Here you can see both connections via SSMS.

Azure managed instance with your DNS domain
Azure Managed Instance with your DNS domain.

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