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Workload Replay for Azure SQL Database and Amazon RDS

Want to make sure you don’t have errors, validate performance, and save money while making changes with Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, SQL Server RDS in Amazon AWS? In this video, you will learn how to use the Data … Continue reading

Import Databases to Azure SQL Database

I recently spoke at a conference and was asked what is the easiest way to import databases to Azure SQL Database. Therefore, I wanted to share how I do this with You can use the same code to just … Continue reading

Talking about Migrating to Azure SQL Database at #MSIgnite this week

This week I will have two talks on migrating existing database to Azure SQL Databases at Microsoft Ignite.  If you are there and curious about migrating your existing databases we would love to talk with you. If you are attending … Continue reading

Benchmark Azure SQL Database Wait Stats

Today, I want to focus on how we can monitor wait statistics in an Azure SQL Database.  In the past, I blogged about how you should benchmark wait stats with the box product.  This process will give you misleading data in … Continue reading

Calculating DTU in Azure SQL Database

A few months ago, I posted a question over on  In a nutshell, it was how do you measure DTU? How could you pull the data shown in the Azure Portal graphs with T-SQL?  No one answered, so this … Continue reading

Azure SQL Database Live Migrations

Unfortunately, with Azure SQL Database you are not able to take an existing SQL Server Backup and restore it on an Azure SQL Database server.  We are talking about Microsoft’s database as a service (DaaS)  offering, not Azure VMs also … Continue reading

Replication for Azure Databases – #TSQL2SDAY #77

If you’re not familiar, T-SQL Tuesday is a blogging party hosted by a different person each month. It’s a creation of Adam Machanic (b|l|t), and it’s been going on for a long time (77 months to be exact). The host … Continue reading

Azure Managed Instance Changing DNS prefix

Azure Managed Instances are provisioned by default with a DNS fully qualified domain name (FQDN). Even on your private virtual network you will still have to use this FQDN. If you want your Azure Managed Instance to connect with … Continue reading

Free SQL Server Training Videos

Hello everyone! This is your SQL Server Consultant in Austin, TX and due to some posts on twitter about SQL PASS recordings costing $999 I wanted to share some of my favorite places to find free SQL Server training videos. … Continue reading

Azure Backup for SQL Server VMs

I am not sure why but sometimes I am glutting for punishment. Maybe its why I try every backup and restore solution I can get my hands on? While Microsoft has done an amazing job at building the best relational … Continue reading