SQL Server Performance Root Cause Analysis

Have you ever been confronted by the business with performance problems and didn’t know what to do? I did when I started out as a DBA and it was an experience I will never forget. I don’t want to see this happen to you. If you are new to performance tuning or being a DBA please check out this blog series. I hope it arms you with the knowledge and the scripts needed to help you find the root cause to your performance problems.

BONUS: Catch my YouTube video to find your workloads top offenders without writing a single line of code in SQL Server 2012.

Did this blog series help you find the root cause to your performance problem? Are you having problems finding or fixing your SQL Server performance problem? Either way feel free to contact me. One of my passions is performance tuning and I am always interested in chatting about this subject.

  • Celso Adamo

    Interesting subjects.

  • John

    Glad to know you enjoyed it, Celso.