Introduction to Execution Plans

The following presentation was built by my friend Konstatin Melamud.

Topic will provide a more in depth look into query execution plans and is targeted for junior to senior DBA’s. You will learn how to identify what indexes are being used by the SQL optimizer, different type of index operations that are performed by SQL server and what operations are generally considered as a preferred method of data retrieval. We will discuss how to determine if indexes used by the optimizer are the optimal ones and the exceptions to the rules. Finally we will discuss the relationship between different types of index operation and different types of join types within SQL Server including how the SQL Optimizer determines which join type it will use and pros and cons of each type.

Konstantin Melamud is a SQL Server Team Lead for Remote DBA Experts. He works with over 200 customers on solutions within the SQL Server environment and leads code tuning team within Remote DBA experts. He is passionate about educating users on SQL Server by speaking at user groups, conferences, and labs.

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