Make SQL Server Queries Run Faster

Have you ever developed slowly running queries and wondered how to tune your SQL Server queries? In this session you will learn some T-SQL performance tuning tips from a DBA who has a developer background. We will go over how to identify bottleneck queries and how to measure them. We will go over basic indexing concepts for improving workloads. Finally, we will cover some coding patterns that are developer friendly but are not SQL Server database engine friendly and show you how to optimize them.


SQL Server Root Cause Analysis inĀ 10 Minutes
Download Sample Scripts
Build the Enlarged Tables


Slide Deck

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  • Andrew Powell

    I liked this as was the first one I looked at and was very informative, I have found the slides in your other sections less helpful as they are confusing as have less context. Any chance you will keep doing videos? I could really do with help increasing performance of a database I had worked on, its live train data so constantly getting new data pushed into it with 60 million rows.

  • John

    Hi Andrew,

    I am happy to hear that you are enjoying the video. The slides are used to lead training sessions so they purposely don’t have a lot of content so attendees are paying attention instead of just reading.

    Go ahead and shoot me a message on my contact page. I would love to sync up with you to hear more about your performance issues. I am always happy to chat with others to help pay it forward as there are several people who have done the same for me.

    I look forward to connecting with you.