SQL Server Performance Tuning for Pirates!

If you follow baseball, you will notice that the Pittsburgh Pirates (this speaker’s favorite team) has to do more with less to be successful. This trend can also exist within IT shops. SQL Server Performance Tuning for Pirates is for anyone who wants to squeeze as much performance as possible without shrinking your wallet.  If you need to improve the performance of your SQL Server instances and cannot purchase 3rd party tools this session is for you. Learn to improve your performance tuning process by using several free tools. This session will cover wait stats, dynamic management objects, perfmon, PAL, SQL Trace, ClearTrace, SQL Nexus and SQLDiag.

This session assumes some knowledge of code tuning and performance tuning and general knowledge about performance counters and SQL Server traces.

Session takeaways:
• Improve or establish a performance tuning process
• Learn how to use several free tools to help you with your performance tuning process
• Learn how to mitigate common performance problems

#24HOP slide deck is now available. You can also download t-sql queries here.


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