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First look: Code-Name “Beluga”

This past week I attended the PASS Member Summit on a budget.  During the conference I got excited during the keynotes when Microsoft announced several new projects with code-names like “Denali”, “Atlanta” and “Crescent.”  I am already a big fan and look forward to working with these features but none of them will have the same impact on my life as the project I am about to share with everyone, code-named “Beluga.”

What is code-name “Beluga”?

It's a baby
It’s a baby its a boy or a girl!

For those who do not know, my wife (Nina) is pregnant and we are expecting our first child.  We are both excited and looking forward to the upcoming months and years as parents.

Why “Beluga”?

During the naming phase we were going to run with “Baby Sterrett” but this name was quickly taken; my oldest brother and his wife are expecting their fist child in January and their baby has been called “Baby Sterrett”.

It hardly seemed appropriate to call our child “Baby Sterrett 2.0;” but because we have decided not to find out the sex of the baby, we needed something to call our little stow away. We toyed with names, such as “Pickle,” “Sprout” and “Sweet Pea.” Nina and I are both fans of Raffi’s songs for children and often sing a song about a baby whale, “Baby Beluga,” to our dogs.  When we started to see pictures of our growing baby “Beluga” just seemed to fit!


Release Date

The projected release date for project “Beluga” is March 2nd.  We will provide updates as we get closer to the go-live date.

Friends, we look forward to your feedback and advice.