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Developers Make Your SQL Server Queries Go Faster!

Being that today is my birthday I thought I would share a nice gift to everyone who follows my blog. Below is a free link to a recorded video of one of my latest presentations that goes over multiple SQL Server developer anti-patterns I see repeated over and over again in the field. Most of these are patterns that any IT professionals can identify and fix just by identifying the pattern and changing the pattern to another one shown in the video that is optimizer friendly. ¬†I promise no brain surgery is required ūüėČ

Make Your SQL Server Queries Go Faster

I hope you enjoy the hour long video on making your SQL Server queries go faster!

Bonus Material

If you want to play along feel free to download the sample scripts.  If you want to learn more about being a proactive performance tuner check out my root cause performance analysis blog series which includes my What Is Running Script, Disk Latency, Wait Stats monitor processes and more..

Converting identifiers into SQL Server table variables in Management Studio

If I had a nickel for every time someone gave me a list of identifiers and asked me to pull a result set for them I would be a very wealthy man. Over the years this is an endless request. I used to use several different tools like excel for example to convert the list of identifiers into SQL Statements. I would then use set based logic to complete my task inside SQL Server.

Being a SQL Server Database Administrator I like to use one consistent tool for working with queries. One day I noticed an interesting feature inside of the search and replace functionality inside Management Studio. I could utilize regular expression as a tool in my tool belt for manipulating text inside of SQL Server Management Studio. This gave me the functionality to stay within my preferred tool for doing SQL Server development work.

If you want to see how you can quickly manipulate the identifiers and convert them into table variable check out the three minute video below.

SQL Server Performance Tuning with Free Tools!

The following is a recording of my Performance Tuning for Pirates session recorded by UserGroup.TV at SQL Saturday 125 in Oklahoma City.  I recommend that you check out UserGroup.TV as they provide some great content for free.  It was an honor to be selected for this recording.  I hope you enjoy the video.  If you have any questions and need some help feel free to contact me.

If the video doesn’t¬†render¬†correctly above try watching the video here¬†(UserGroup.TV) or here (SQL PASS Performance Virtual Chapter).

Links to all tools and scripts plus reference material can be found  at my SQL Server Performance Tuning with Free Tools page.

Being proactive with Central Management Server

As promised in previous blog posts I am cranking out some videos to prepare for SQL Rally.¬†¬†If you aren’t registered for SQL Rally register now. The price jumps up after April 30th. Alright everyone its time to get Proactive.

The goal for this video is very simple. I just want to show you how easy it is to execute a query against your SQL Server farm.¬† In this example I get proactive by finding database files that are low on space. Once, I find them I can extend them so we aren’t fragmenting our drives by depending on the autogrowth settings.

Central Management Server is a very simple but powerful tool.  To get a taste check out my video below.

[UPDATE 9/14/2011]

The query used in the video above can be found here.  If you liked this video checkout my tip on automating data collection with PowerShell and Central Management Server