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Free SQL Server Training Videos

Hello everyone! This is your SQL Server Consultant in Austin, TX and due to some posts on twitter about SQL PASS recordings costing $999 I wanted to share some of my favorite places to find free SQL Server training videos. I hope this helps make your data fast, secure and highly available in 2020 and beyond!

Where Is the Good Stuff Give Me Some More

Speaking on Migrating to Azure SQL Database at Ignite 2017
Attending conferences is nice but free recorded sessions are priceless!

Those who know me know I love music. I especially love the underground non-mainstream content. Therefore, my first recommendation is UserGroup.TV. As of December 27th, there are 127 videos tagged as SQL Saturday alone. Shawn goes around to almost every Tech conference he can find and brings his rig and records sessions for the community.

Are you in love with the new pop singles? Wish you could hear them before they hit the radio? If you like your tech like your music than Microsoft Ignite is for you. Every year Microsoft puts on a conference called, Ignite. This conference is usually where Microsoft will break its cutting edge tech. My favorite thing about the conference is that the content is available online for free. Midway through the page, you can search through the massive collection of free recorded sessions.

Next up, is the consistent greatest hits. Almost every session is a banger! This reminds me of my favorite Microsoft Data Platform conference. This is SQLBits and yes, their video content is also available for FREE.

Finally, Here is a collection of some great videos on performance tuning. Make SQL Server Go Faster, SQL Server Performance Improvements with SQL 2019. Another one is 7 Reasons your SQL Server Code is Slow! You can also find more great videos at Procure SQL Youtube Channel.

Why We’re Organizing SQL Saturday in Wheeling, WV on April 28th

Some of my friends know I am a huge fan of the song “Havana” by Camila Cabello. They also know I like to remix songs and if I was to remix the song I would just change the word “Havana” to “Wheeling, WV” because half of my heart is in the Ohio Valley.


Wheeling is where I grew up as an adult and to this day it is one of the special happy places I like to visit. On April 28th Wheeling will host their the third SQL Saturday. Anyone can attend for FREE! l look forward to sharing my favorite city with the SQL Community and my SQL Family.

Free SQL Server Training in Wheeling, WV

Free SQL Server Training on April 29th in Wheeling, WV

Procure SQL will be teaming up with the Wheeling Chapter of AITP (only IT group in Ohio Valley) to bring some expert SQL Server training from MVPs, MCTs, and community experts to the Ohio Valley. I hope Data Platform professionals in nearby cities like Columbus, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Cleveland and Washington DC join is un the fun as well.

Things to Do?

Check out this quick five-minute video to find out some of the great things you can do in Wheeling, WV and why I fell in love with Wheeling!


Colemans Fish Market – It is #1 on TripAdvisor for a reason. Best-fried fish sandwiches.
Ye Old Alpha – The Bridgeport brownie is legendary good.
DeCarlos Pizza – Wheeling’s special version of Pizza. If you get it make sure to eat it quick. Locals typically will eat it on the hood of their cars.
Undos – My personal favorite Italian food restaurant.

Places to See:

Good Mansion Wine – If you like wine, the selection here is fantastic. They will also have an open wine tasting event April 27th at 6 pm. If you are looking for something fun to do the night before the event I would recommend this.
Suspension BridgeIf you like history. You have to check out one of the oldest suspension bridges in the USA. You can still walk and drive across it.
Wheeling Artisan CenterGreat small tour of the history of Wheeling, WV.
Center Market
– Historic part of town with a lot of shops and places to eat. Its an easy walk from the SQL Saturday venue.
Oglebay Resort – Depending on the weather the driving range or ski lift will be open. Seriously, a great five-star resort with epic holiday events including Christmas lights, ogalbayfest, and 4th of July.
Wheeling Island Casino – If you like to play cards and win money its a great location. Used to do it a lot on lunch breaks.