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Review of the August 2009 PGH.NET User Group

Tonight I made the trip from Wheeling to Pittsburgh to attend “Four Guys with Code.”  I thought David, Jeremy, John and Erick all presented good presentations.  The following are some afterthoughts from the event: 

Being a die-hard Pirates fan  I really liked the “Build a RESTful Data-Driven Application with jQuery” presentation.  David leveraged a baseball stats database while showcasing how easy it is to use jQuery.  I have now implemented jQuery on a few projects so its always good to see how others are using this great library. 

David mentioned that there will be a code-lab in September covering “Build WCF Data-Driven Applications with jQuery.  I will add more when I get details.

The following three presentations all gave me some good thoughts.  Being new to Silverlight John’s presentation opened my eyes toward things you must consider before you release a RIA application. Eric’s presentation gave me insight towards refactoring code and setting coding standards. Jermey’s presentation gave me a good introduction into dynamic C#.