When was that object modified?

Yes, every once in a while when I am deploying an application I ask myself the following question.  What database objects (tables, stored procedures, functions etc..) did I modify with this release?  

Ideally this is documented in the release plan but I will admit I have been known to slip every once in a while.  Therefore, I am showcasing a query that can provide help.  This query was written by Gordon Bell and it can be found here.   It uses the sys.objects DMV that are included in SQL 2005 & 2008. 

I will defiantly throw this script into my bag of tricks. 

select name, modify_date,
case when type_desc = 'USER_TABLE' then 'Table'
when type_desc = 'SQL_STORED_PROCEDURE' then 'Stored Procedure'
end as type_desc
from sys.objects
where type in ('U', 'P', 'FN', 'IF', 'TF')
and is_ms_shipped = 0
order by 2 desc