SQL Saturday #80 date changed

We change the date of SQL Saturday #80 from July 16th to July 23rd.

We are still early in the game so we hope this will not be an inconvenience to anyone. We sent out an email to everyone who signed up on the website. With that said, I still wanted to explain why we changed our date.

So.. Why did you change the date?

If you are like me you love SQLSaturday events and you are willing to travel to get your learn on. We changed the date of our event for the people who are willing to travel. Looking at our attendance roster from SQLSaturday #36 we noticed the majority of the attendees were travelers.

The event planners have a secret for you. We are not country music fans so we forgot about the Super Bowl of Country Music.

SQL Saturday comes back to Wheeling, WV

SQL Saturday comes back to Wheeling, WV

Its almost impossible to get hotel rooms that weekend so we pinged our host facility West Virginia Northern Community College and PASS. Once we got permission from both we pushed our event back one week.

This works out great because you can now experience our best festival while you are in town. If you like Italian food or carnivals be prepared to get a side order of fun with your free SQL Server training.

Lesson Learned

In the future we will make sure we coordinate with several group in the community to make sure we select the best date for our next SQL Saturday.

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