AITP Region 18 Conference

This past weekend I attended the AITP Region 18 Conference in Columbus, OH. This was a great opportunity for me to meet and network with several Information Technology Professionals.  If you have never attended a AITP meeting I highly recommend that you do.

The following was our agenda and a brief afterthought of the topics:

  • Ice Breaker – Got to trade name tags and learn a few facts from a new friend.
  • Leadership – Caught up on the leadership changes within AITP on the national level.
  • VMWare – Learned how VMWare is moving into the cloud.  I was very impressed with the ability to move in and out of the VMWare cloud.
  • Cloud Computing – This really makes it easy to do a SaaS startup.  I am looking forward to trying azure out.

Following the technical sessions we had a great dinner and networking session at the Buckeye Hall of Fame.  Unfortunately, it looked like my presence cursed Ohio State.

  • Jon Crawford

    FYI, don’t beat yourself up over OSU, that’s just how we roll…

  • Thanks Jon. As a side note its funny that my friends in Wheeling want me to go back 🙂

    My Oklahoma Sooners also didn’t do well this past weekend too.

  • Cara Waller

    John, I appreciate your blog about the conference. And Ohio State made up for the loss this past weekend when they tortured Michigan.

  • Cara thank you for putting on a great event. It looks like Ohio State is on track to play in another BCS game. I wish I could say the same about my Sooners.