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T-SQLTuesday #42: The New Adventure!

It’s time for T-SQL Tuesday the forty-second, Wendy Pastrick asked that we talk

T-SQL Tuesday!

T-SQL Tuesday!

about our experiences with change in our work lives. I’d like to share some exciting news about myself and the new adventure I am taking.  Earlier this month I started a new journey with Dell as an Database Administrator Sr. Advisor. I also am happy to share why I decided to go down this path. Some of the reasons include new technology, career planning, exciting challenges with a great team.

New Technology!

I love being around new technology. Personally, I like to find new innovative technologies that can be used to improve business processes while save money and time. During the interview process I learned that the SQL team at Dell fits the bill. In fact, I heard about so many great projects including some under NDA all I can say is I feel like a kid in the candy store!

Career Planning!

Not every employeer makes it a priority to have you map your aspirations and goals. Very few companies help you do a fit gap assessment and tries to find business opportunities to fill them.  Dell goes out of its ways to help you with your career planning. This might be the greatest perk of the job.

Exciting Challenges with  a Great Team!

Not many people get excited about the opportunity to work with chained transactional replication where a subscriber is a publisher in another publication but I do.  That’s right, I love to be challenged and I am excited to work with some talented people. I am going to get to do both in my new role. I will be working with multiple DBA’s who have been working with SQL Server for over ten years. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and soaking up everything I can from them.