Things I am reading about PASS Member Summit 2010

The following are a few blog posts I am reading lately on the interwebz.  This is going to be short and sweet.  The following posts are all based on the PASS Member Summit coming up in one week. If your are new to the PASS Member Summit like me I suggest you check them out.

  • 2-Weeks to PASS Summit 2010 Countdown – This is a great five part series going over stuff you need to know if you are making your first trip on out to the PASS Member Summit. Jason Strate did a great job on this series.
  • 2010 PASS Summit Preview – Back to SchoolTom LaRock gives a preview to this years Summit by throwing in his experience and lessons learned from the previous Summit sessions.
  • PASS 2010 on a Budget – Yes, this is a shameless plug to my blog.  It includes how I am getting there and includes how I plan to only spend five dollars for a round-trip to and from the Airport.
  • PASS Summit 2010 PreviewTodd McDermid explains why you shouldn’t eat alone, why everyone should have business cards, and how to start a conversation with strangers.
  • PASS Summit MVP Birds of a Feather LunchMike Walsh does a good job breaking down what the MVP Lunch is all about.  It’s a great way to meet an MVP and join an ad-hoc conversation during lunch over several topics you use in your shop.
  • How MidnightDBA will Rock the 2010 Member Summit – Jen builds a good list of places and times where you can bump into her.  This is actually a cool list of general events going on so if you looking to meet a lot of cool kids I think its safe to follow her schedule.

    [Update Nov 3rd 2010]

  • Why I am paying my own way to PASS Member Summit 2010 – David does a great job explaining why you should take care of your own professional development.  I am actually following his advice and paying for myself to attend this years Summit.
  • More PASS Summit tips for First Timers – Kendal Van Dyke does a great job of explaining what first times like myself should expect during the Summit.  Check his blog out as there are several post including one that explains how you can join in on the fun if your not in Seattle.
  • Top 10 PASS Summit tips – Brian Garraty lists several good tips that can be used by all attendes.  I really like the walking tour tip.  Hopefully I will get some time to do this.

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